New working paper on the use of Facebook and Instagram advertisements in a global survey of German emigrants

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In August and September, Bernd Weiß and I realized the German Emigrants Overseas Online Survey (GEOOS). Since I have been talking for years about the potential that the employment of Facebook advertisements holds for research on emigrants, it was great to finally implement this project. A first working paper is now available as open access publication:

Pötzschke, Steffen and Bernd Weiß (2020): Employing Social Networking Sites in migration research: Preliminary findings of the German Emigrants Overseas Online Survey,

In GEOOS, we used advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to target and subsequently survey Germans living outside their country of origin. The project can be characterized as a study of emigrants, as it investigates one specific target group (Germans) on a nearly global scale without preselecting specific countries for data collection. The project aims to answer methodological and substantive questions.

This working paper provides a first overview of the sample and some insights into its composition. Additionally, it presents several COVID-19 related findings.

Of course, we are currently working on more detailed journal articles. Updates on this will follow soon!