Conference presentations

2020Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2020): Sampling Migrants via Facebook Advertisements: A New Method to Improve (Cross-National) Data on H2R Populations, II. International Forum on Migration Statistics, Cairo, 2020/01/19-21.
2019 Pötzschke, Steffen and Paul Pritchard (2019): Methods, research strategies, and conceptual issues in empirical research on young refugees: What does the literature review (not) tell us?, German-Canadian Conference on Migration & Integration: Young (Forced) Migrants and Their Families, Osnabrück University, 2019/11/11-12.
Pötzschke, Steffen (2019): Studying the Transnationalism of Polish Migrants through Facebook, 14th ESA Conference, Manchester University, 2019/08/20-23.
2018Zimmer, Karin, Steffen Pötzschke and Débora B. Maehler (2018): The German-Canadian Research Coalition on Refugee Integration: The network and an exemplary project, 2nd Conference of the (German) Network for Refugee Research, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, 2018/10/04-06.
Pötzschke, Steffen, Débora B. Maehler, Howard Ramos, Paul Pritchard and Johanna Fleckenstein (2018): Empirical research on under age refugees: A systematic literature review, 15th Annual IMISCOE Conference, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2018/07/02-04.
2017 Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2017): Surveying the hard-to-reach: An example using Facebook to sample Polish migrants in a cross-national study, 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Lisbon, 2017/07/17-21.
Pötzschke, Steffen (2017): Transnationalism and Integration: A Comparison of Turkish and Romanian Migrants in three European Countries, 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2017/06/28-30.
Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2017): Social networking sites as sampling tools: An example from migration research, General Online Research 2017, Berlin, 2017/03/15-17.
2016Braun, Michael and Steffen Pötzschke (2016): Transnational identifications among nationals and migrants in Europe, Trajectoires et pratiques de mobilité spatiale: du local au transnational, Sciences Po, Paris, 2016/12/02.
Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2016): Using social networking sites to sample migrants: Insights from a cross-national pilot study, 13th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Charles University, Prague, 2016/06/30-07/02.
2015Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2015): Migrants’ identification with Europe: Does EU citizenship make a difference?, 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Prague, 2015/08/25-28.
2014Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2014): From practices to belonging: Cross-border mobility and collective identifications, EUCROSS – Final Conference, Brussels, 2014/06/25.
Pötzschke, Steffen (2014): Mobilities of Turkish migrants in Europe, Turkish Migration Conference 2014, Regent’s University London, 2014/05/30-06/01.
2013Pötzschke, Steffen and Michael Braun (2013): Die Identifizierung türkischer und rumänischer Migranten mit Europa, Horizontale Europäisierung – Nationale Öffnung und europäische Schließung, Annual convention of the GSA section “Europasoziologie (European Sociology)”, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, 2013/10/10-11.
2012Pötzschke, Steffen (2012): Der Einfluss von Transnationalisierungserfahrungen auf die Identifizierung mit Europa, Kollektive Identitäten – Theorien, Konzepte, empirische Forschung. Annual convention of the GSA section “Politische Soziologie (Political Sociology)”, Julius-Maximilians-University-Würzburg, Würzburg, 2012/03/29-30.
2011Pötzschke, Steffen (2011): ,Colombia nos une’ (?): Zur Auseinandersetzung um doppelte Staatsangehörigkeit und Auslandswahlrecht für Emigranten in Kolumbien, Fall convention of the research group “Migrationspolitik (Migration policy)” of the German Political Science Association (DVPW), Buchenbach near Freiburg i. Brsg., 2011/10/07-09.

Invited talks & lectures

2019Pötzschke, Steffen (2019): Beyond Big Data. Using Facebook as a Sampling Tool in Survey Research, Internal seminary series, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, 2019/09/18. 
2018Pötzschke, Steffen (2018): Reaching the hard to reach: The cross-national sampling of migrants through Facebook advertisements, Extraordinary internal seminar at Eurofound, Dublin, 2018/07/13.
Pötzschke, Steffen (2018): Reaching the hard-to-reach: The cross-national sampling of migrants through Facebook advertisements, InGRID-2 Expert Workshop “Methods and data infrastructure to measure the quality of life of various vulnerable groups”, Tárki Institute, Budapest, 2018/04/25-27.
2016Pötzschke, Steffen (2016): Facebook as a sampling tool in cross-national migration research, guest lecture, Carleton University, Ottawa, 2016/09/14.
2014Pötzschke, Steffen (2014): Mobilitätserfahrungen und Identifizierungen türkischer MigrantInnen im europäischen Vergleich, IMIS guest lecture series, University of Osnabrück, 2014/07/10.


2019Pötzschke, Steffen (2019): Introduction to the use of Facebook as a sampling tool in migration research, 3rd ETHMIGSURVEYDATA Training School, Institute for Sociology & Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest, 2019/11/14-15. [agenda and session abstracts of the training school]

Other presentations

2016Pötzschke, Steffen (2016): GESIS Panel: A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel for the Social Sciences, GESIS Panel Roadshow 2016/2017, Sciences Po Grenoble, Grenoble, 2016/11/17.
Pötzschke, Steffen (2016): GESIS Panel: A Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Access Panel for the Social Sciences, GESIS Panel Roadshow 2016/2017, Romanian Academy, Research Institute for Quality of Life, Bucharest, 2016/11/15. [video accessible online, see below for part one of four]